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Our roots come from Telco. We understand the standards, real-time processing, scalability and rapid development of network elements and business applications. Our solutions can handle thousands of transactions per second and are still stable. Services are modular based on microservices approach and easy for future development. No bottlenecks.

5G technology stack.

5G is a game changer in the telco world. It allows not only for extremely fast transfer of the data, very often comparable to fiber, but it also allows the creation of new applications. Do you know that with 5G you could assure the desired minimum quality of the mobile network for a certain period of time and in a selected area?

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Development and integration of services

The Telco world changes now. Operators have been developing OTT services on top of their network avoiding a situation of being only a “pipe”. Their importance is growing. That’s why building tailored solutions based on in-house development or on top of Intelligent Networks solutions is critical.

IoT platform development and integration

5G allows the IoT business to expand in a profitable way. Cost per unit now may be so low, that it can generate new business opportunities without decreasing the quality of the services. And we do understand it, building complex platforms and integrating it with the external world. Plus providing business applications on top of it.

Exposure APIs for the telco infrastructure (CPaaS)

The telecoms operator goes further. Developing not only OTT applications that offer services but exposing their APIs allowing third parties to integrate and build customized applications by themselves. We are here too.