We believe in Trust, Quality, Responsblility and Teamwork

We help our customers to jump into complex cloud landscape

  • Tailored IT solutions
  • Agile scaled delivery
  • Made-to-measure teams

Who we are

Who we are-1

We are an IT Boutique, growing company, consisting of people who supports their customers.


We are also a good place to work in, where our consultants can develop their skills.

We are a technology company, and we are aware that we have people and only people.

What we do

What we do-1

We focus on Devops and Development activities in the cloud environment.


What we do-2

We focus on Western European countries and the UK.

What we do-3

We speak English.

Whom & how we can help

build specific teams

We build specific teams that usually are mixed with the customer’s team.

Create Partnerships with customers

We create partnerships with our customers by trust and by excellent delivery.

Growing with partners

We grow with the growing business of the customers.

Communicate with customers

We communicate with our customers; we tell the truth and advise the best for them.

help customers with technology

We help the customers that have needs with their technology debt. Usually not aware about „best practises“ and possible problems like set-up development team or proper skills set.


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