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Devops Factory – sounds interesting?

  • What if you have too small project to hire more than 1 DevOPS but you still remember the situations from the past where one person, responsible for an unique part of your system, suddenly disappears taking away all the crucial knowledge?
  • What if your budget is quite much limited but still your project requires a wide range of different devops/sre activities like CI/CD automation, monitoring setup, solving your daily teams infra problems, going beyond the competences of single person?
  • What if your project lives on the edge of two different clouds (AWS, Azure) which complicates your daily project life quite much?


What if… we have a solution?

DevopsFactory can help with all of this and with many other things. Find more info here.


New customer project in Belgium

TheWorkinGroup extended its reach by entering Belgium with DevOpsFactory offering. We are providing monitoring services in the Microsoft Azure environment. We work closely with our new customer to extend their CI/CD approach to meet growth expectations.

Our DevOpsFactory concept covers the whole CI/CD and more to make sure our customers are able to focus on the fluent development of their products. Based on the international experience of our team we support AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud environments with tailored offerings.