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QA Engineer (MS oriented)

Project details:

Candidates will work hands-on, performing daily QA tasks, supporting engineering by doing in-sprint testing, automating testing of business processes to minimize release testing time and safely approve rollouts. The work is focused within the area of Customers product development, embedded in the Azure & MS Dynamics environment

Key responsibilities:

  • The candidate can boost our “factory” initiative and help us to put existing software rollouts  in yet another level of quality
  • Manage and execute against project plans and deliver on commitments.
  • Work with engineers to define technical requirements, and execute best-in-class verifications.
  • Manage day-to-day activities with the engineering and operations team.
  • Drive innovation and own the operation lifecycle of all services.


  • Candidate advanced in test automation for: 
    • API / backend in .NET deployed on Azure 
    • Frontend in JavaScript technologies
  • At least intermediate or even senior-level, minimum of 4 years proven hands-on experience, with:
  • Distributed architecture systems with Restful API exposure
  • Api automation: Specflow or logically similar
  • Frontend automation: Selenium, cypress.io, playwright or similar
  • Distributed logging experience (ELK or graylog or datadog) with stack traces understanding (.NET oriented) to be able form “pre-analyzed” issue tickets for developers
  • Fluent in English
  • Agile practitioner

What can you learn?

  • Deepening knowledge in tests automation
  • Deepening knowledge about the Azure cloud
  • Work freely in a distributed team and pure remote mode

Other (nice to have)

  • Passionate about healthy team culture and collaboration
  • Savvy in video-conference-meetings
  • Eager to learn new technologies