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QA Engineer – Test Automation

Project details:

  • The project focuses on advancing the field of green energy through innovative software solutions.
  •  Comprehensive onboarding in energy market processes and access to an exciting and future-proof industry.

Key responsibilities:

We are looking for a Candidate which is advanced in test automation for:

  • Python, Django in a private cloud
  • Multiple react frontends

In terms of duties, the project includes:

  • Decision-making position,
  • Overall supervision,
  • A lot to say, to improve, to add strategies and to give direction to test cases.


We expect at least intermediate or even senior-level, minimum of 4 years proven hands-on experience with the following expertise set:

  • Test plans, Specification by example
  • General tools: Postman, Chrome network tools
  • General distributed architecture understanding: Restful API, microservices
  • RequestsLibrary or similar for RobotFramework
  • Frontend automation: Selenium, cypress.io or similar
  • Performance automation: Gatling or comparable
  • Logging/Monitoring: Kibana
  • knowledge of Python and RobotFramework


  • Fluent in English
  • Agile practitioner
  • Savvy in video-conference-meetings
  • Eager to learn new technologies

Nice to have:

  • Passionate about healthy team culture and collaboration