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Our team is growing !

We are pleased to announce that TheWorkinGroup has welcomed a new sales team member on board – Anna Kravchuk. Anna joins us with a wealth of experience in customer acquisition for IT services, where she has gained skills that she will now use, to further develop our company.

We believe that her passion for sales and commitment to building long-term client relationships will significantly strengthen our team and help us achieve new goals.

The entire TheWorkinGroup team welcomes Anna and wishes her every success on her new career path!

TheWorkinGroup expands DevOps Factory services to include Emergency 24/7 Support

TheWorkinGroup is proud to announce the expansion of DevOps Factory’s Emergency 24/7 Support – Managed Services with its launch for a customer – the largest German Tier-1 telecommunications operator.

As part of the four new turnkey services created and delivered, TheWorkinGroup is adding Emergency 24/7 Support services – ensuring continuity of service and rapid response to any anomalies that may arise – importantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

This will enable the Operator to focus on providing reliable services to its individual and business customers.

As part of the delivered solution covering consultant support, SLA, and response time – TheWorkinGroup adapted under the current processes on the client side and delivered complete automation solutions for the first and the second line support on the client side integrated with the third line on the TheWorkinGroup side. These systems also include application and process monitoring and handle the entire workflow system with communication tools and notifications across Emergency teams.

“TheWorkinGroup is known for providing innovative IT solutions that help clients achieve their business goals. I’m extremely proud to expand our offering to include services from the Managed Services family” – said Rafał Polański, CEO of TheWorkinGroup. “This service has been prepared and launched in an extremely short time, under the strict requirements of the end customer. The launch of Emergency 24/7 Services is another step in the development of TheWorkinGroup, allowing organisations to achieve operational excellence.”

Happy Easter!

Warmest wishes for a delightful Easter filled with laughter, love, and the simple joys of springtime. May this season renew your spirit and bring you closer to those you cherish. Happy Easter!