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Remote work at The Workin Group

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At The Workin Group (TWG), working remotely is an essential tool, and brings a lot of success and a positive impact on those who work with us, first and foremost, remote work saves us time and we can fully focus on our work – rested, not tired from commuting. It gives us time to do something for ourselves after work, almost immediately after completing tasks – more space to relax or spend moments with family.

We work with experts, engaged in working with the latest technologies, and they often want to create their workspace on their own, so no one dictates what equipment they should work on. Some came to the office bringing their mouse or keyboard, at the home office the office is customized only for their own needs. You also don’t have to worry about fighting noise interfering with your work, as you would with open space.

Working remotely also makes it easier to travel and work. Asking our specialist, Gustaw, who decided to work with TWG after 8 years in the office, and he cited this as one of the important reasons. “I like to go out and explore new cities, finishing work at 4 pm and simply closing my laptop is much easier for me to do that.”

In addition to the increased comfort of life, it’s also worth noting how communication between co-workers improves – they handle specific shuffles efficiently and quickly, catching each other on the appropriate communicator for that. We support this communication and once a month, we meet online with the whole company to talk about what’s going on, and what news is ahead of us and answer any questions we have. For those willing, we also meet once in a while in Warsaw to spend time together on some entertainment.

At TWG, we care about getting your task done, whether with a break to walk the dog or visit the doctor is irrelevant. What matters is respect and mutual trust.