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Grand opening of youth home

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We would like to boast about the success of the “Po Drugie” Foundation, which TheWorkinGroup actively supports in its activities as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility.  It has just succeeded in opening a home for young homeless adults. This is a unique initiative and the only such form of help for young people with homelessness problems in Poland. We are extremely proud of the founder of the foundation, Ms. Agnieszka Sikora, who is fighting for these people with her persistence, hard work and huge heart.

The problem of homelessness among young adults is grievous. Such people who often grow up in pathological families, educational centers and foster homes have a problem with entering adulthood and becoming independent. These people have not experienced in their lives a sense of security, love and don’t know what home is. The initiative of just opening a home for young people is an attempt to make up for all these lost moments and opportunities. The house has been furnished in a way to resemble a real family space as much as possible. Those who live there have 24-hour support from a caregiver. They will be activated and supported to awaken self-esteem, motivation and to experience at least a substitute for what was taken from them. The stay in the home lasts about six months, but is also adjusted individually, the goal is to enter adulthood and live independently and support themselves.