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SysOps Developer

April remotely

For our client, one of the biggest Telco Operator, we are looking for  intermediate-level SysOps

Project details

We are developing a distributed platform whose mission is to expose solutions/APIs to enterprise customers in the telecommunications industry in the form of a service marketplace. The software is published on a Kubernetes cluster, available as a service from a private cloud. We are looking for intermediate-level SysOPS working as 3rd line of support during off-business hours, who will keep the platform up and running, improving in between existing monitoring.

  • Team size: 10 people, including DevOps supporting product team during the day

Technology in the project

  • backend: Java, asynchronous programming with Netty and OAuth 2.0 / OIDC based on Keycloak; Mongo database as a storage
  • frontend: react.js 
  • OPS: CI/CD based on GitLab pipelines, logging & monitoring based on LOKI  and Grafana.

Key Responsibilities

  • support for microservices consisting 
    • in recognizing the source of problems and reporting it to the corresponding integration team (for instance, to the private cloud team in case of infrastructure problems or to the dev team in case of services-related problems)
    • in doing what is possible to bring services to life if the problem really comes from the software we are responsible for
  • improving existing monitoring to help 2nd line of support, better categorize problems and notify us, only in the case of actual problems is related to the software that we develop


  • Experience in using distributed logging tools and log analysis
  • Analytical skills, reading charts (familiarity with Grafana will be a plus)
  • General support experience and experience in working with automatic monitoring systems
  • Fluent in English, verbal and written
  • 3-5 years of experience in infrastructure area

What can you learn?

  • extend the knowledge in the context of  distributed logging and monitoring
  • extend support experience, have a chance also to participate in monitoring / auto-healing improvements 


  • Project length 12 month, with the option to be prolonged
  • Working hours: off-business hours, 6pm+
  • To whom it is reported: directly to the target client
  • Testing approach: there are test automates, continuously improved
  • Methodology: Agile wise

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