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Senior QA Engineer

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Activity details

We are looking for a Candidate which is advanced in test automation for:

  • API / backend in .NET deployed on Azure
  • Frontend in JavaScript technologies (React.js, Vue.js)

The candidate can boost our DevOPS Factory initiative and help us to put existing deployment pipelines in yet another level of quality, should not be afraid of using English in everyday communication and like the Agile way of doing things.

We expect at least intermediate or even senior-level, minimum of 4 years proven hands-on experience with the following expertise set:

  • Test plans, Specification by example
  • General tools: Postman, Chrome network tools
  • General distributed architecture understanding: Restful API, microservices
  • Api automation: Specflow or logically similar
  • Frontend automation: Selenium, cypress.io or similar
  • Performance automation: Gatling or comparable
  • Logging/Monitoring: experience working with ELK or graylog or datadog with stack traces understanding (.NET oriented)


We also appreciate the following general capabilities:

  • fluent in English
  • Agile practitioner
  • passionate about healthy team culture and collaboration
  • savvy in video-conference-meetings
  • eager to learn new technologies